Requirements & Costs

As with any business you can start, there are always certain requirements and a certain amount of costs.  However, when you align with us as an independent health insurance agent, we have tried to minimize the barrier of entry into the industry as much as possible.  Making it a lot more affordable for you to start will help increase your chances of success.

We only work with licensed agents, so you do need to have your Health & Life licenses in at least the state you live in.  Even though we don’t charge you anything, there are some out of pocket costs to get you ready to start selling.


Most of the requirements you might already have, however; the most important part is having the willingness to put in the work and being coachable. You do need both your Health and Life insurance licenses (producer licenses) in at least your resident state.  You do have to have your own E&O coverage since you are independent, we can use our recommended vendor during the onboarding process.  You also need other things like a computer, phone, ability to use email and access the internet.

  • Coachable / Willingness to Learn
  • Health & Life Licenses
  • E&O Coverage
  • Computer (Dual screens recommended)
  • Phone (soft phone recommended)
  • Internet (wired recommended)


We have taken care of the largest costs for you: systems, software, training, leads, etc.; and you don’t pay us anything. However, there are some costs you are responsible for you.  After you have your Health & Life licenses you will need to pay for your own E&O, phone, internet, some carrier appointment fees.

  • E&O: our recommended vendor is usually around $120 downpayment, then around $40/month.
  • Phone: you can use your cell phone or a soft phone which is usually between $15 to $50 per month.
  • Internet: your existing internet is fine as long as its a reliable connection. Highly recommend wired connection to computer if you are using a softphone.
  • Carrier Fees: two popular carriers sometimes charge appointment fees per state. The fee is usually around $20 for non-res states, sometimes higher for your resident state.