One of the most important aspects of starting to grow you business is leads.  Unfortunately, leads is one of the darkest parts of the industry that cause a lot of pain for many agents for various reasons.  We constantly hear stories from agents outside of our organization that have spent thousands of dollars on leads in the hope of writing enough business to cover their expenses and pay their bills.  Sadly, this technique rarely turns out positive for newer agents; they often don’t even write enough business to pay for the cost of the leads.  So they end up going backwards financially very fast.   We have a better way of doing business…

Never Pay For Leads

Imagine never having to pay a penny of your own money for leads. This is a reality for the independent agents on our team.  We take care of the research, testing, and negotiating with lead vendors; and then offer the leads to you at no cost.

Lead Sources

As with most things related to sales, there can be ups and downs in the process; the same goes for leads.  Because of this, its very important to have multiple sources for leads.  We have been able to negotiate exclusive contracts with many third-party lead vendors, have relationships with large insurance carriers, and we have even purchased a lead vendor so we have direct access to some of the best lead options in the industry.

Fresh Leads

Inside of the custom CRM system that we provide to you, you have the ability to turn the fresh leads on and off, so they come only when you want them to.  You can also customize the parameters of which states, which sources, and which products you want the leads for.  These are fresh leads that automatically get pushed to you, if you have your system turned on, as prospects are are looking for coverage.

Leads Vault

We have a virtually unlimited supply of leads that you can tap into, which is extremely helpful in the beginning of your career to start building your book of clients.  In our leads vault there are hundreds of thousands of leads that you have access to based on the states you are licensed in.  These leads are a great way to stay busy with prospecting to keep your pipeline full, which is a key to being a successful health insurance agent.

Generating Leads

In addition to our internal lead systems that you have access to, we also have trainings and mentorship available to start generating leads on your own to diversify your sources for new business.  There are many different ways of prospecting, some are better than others.  Take advantage of our experience and knowledge, to help you be as successful as possible in your career as an independent health insurance agent.