How to Become a Health Insurance Agent

How to Become a Health Insurance Agent

How to become a health insurance agent is easier than some people think, as long as you are connected with the right people to help guide you along the way. By being part of the VIP team of independent health insurance agents partnered with HST, you get the connections, resources, training, and support necessary to be a successful health insurance agent.

So you want to become a health insurance agent? You are in the right place. So many agents bounce around the industry trying to find the place that is the right fit for them. Becoming a successful health insurance agent has as much to do with your connections as it does your work ethic. You can work very hard, but if you don’t have the right connections, your success as a health insurance agent will be mediocre.

Being a successful health insurance agent is all about the connections you have. When you are connected with us, you get connections with all the major carriers (and smaller ones too), connected with world-class exclusive training and support, free software (CRM, etc), free leads, and access to high-performing award-winning mentor agents to help you along the way.

How to Become a Health Insurance Agent in 3 Steps

  1. Get Your Insurance License
    • If you don’t already have your health and life insurance licenses, then you will need to get them for at least the state you live in (resident license). You can always get licensed in other States in the future.
  2. Register / Schedule an Interview with Us
    • We want to help you in your journey, answer any questions you have, and make sure we are a good fit for what you are looking for. Register an account on our agent website and then schedule a meeting (or “interview”) with our principle broker, Robert Falk.
  3. Get Contracted / Trained
    • Fill out the paperwork and start getting contracted with carriers to be able to start selling. Simultaneously, you will also be going through a health insurance agent training program and receiving one-on-one support to get you up and going.

How to Become a Health Insurance Agent Right Now!

How to become a health insurance agent right now might seem a little fast and overly ambitious, however; it’s not impossible. Realistically, you do have to be licensed and getting licensed is what takes the longest. To get licensed, you have to log a certain amount of hours studying, then pass the state exam for both health and life insurance, get fingerprinted, and pass a background check. For licensing, from start to finish, it takes most people several weeks to complete.

Now, if you are already licensed, how to become a health insurance right now is completely possible in as quick as a few days or weeks, depending on how quickly you fill out paperwork.

Why You Should Become a Health Insurance Agent

The reason why you should become a health insurance agent can be different for each person. However, some of the common reasons people become health insurance agents is they like to help others with something that is meaningful. Health insurance is a very important part of our lives and it can be very frustrating for a lot of people to find the right coverage that is also affordable.

If you like helping others, solving problems, being an advisor, and getting paid to do what is best for your clients; then a career as a health insurance agent might be right for you.

Requirements to Become a Health Insurance Agent

There isn’t a long list of requirements to become a health insurance agent. Above all, to be successful, you need to be coachable, willing to learn, and put in the work. Those are generic traits that are important no matter what you choose to do as a career.

The requirements for how to become a health insurance agent are being licensed, having a computer, and being able to communicate with people.

Typical Health Insurance Agent Salary

There is no typical salary for a health insurance agent. For an agent who works full time, you should be making anywhere from $75,000/year to $200,000/year. However, some agents can make $50,000/year or less if they don’t work very hard; and some agents can make well over $1,000,000/year if they have a team.

Licensed Health Insurance Agent Training

Training to become a licensed health insurance agent starts with a third party training company who gives you a certificate when completed, that allows you to then take the state insurance license exam. Once you are licensed and connected with an IMO, then the real product and sales training begins.

Health Insurance Agent License

Your health insurance license to become an agent (or “producer” as some states call it) is issued to you by your state. You first need to get your resident state license (the state you live in), then you can easily get licensed in other states around the country that you want to sell products in as well.