How To Be a Successful Insurance Agent

How to be a successful insurance agent when 92% of agents fail in their first year. If you haven’t read Why Insurance Agents Fail, read that article first, then come back and read how to be a successful insurance agent.

Who am I? I’m Robert Falk, the principle broker for VIP Health Insurance and mentor to new agents. I have been in the insurance industry for many years and have trained and mentored many agents who have gone on to have successful insurance careers. In my very first year as an independent health insurance agent, I made over $114,000 without spending my own money on leads and having less than $200/month in expenses (E&O, insurance, website, software, etc). I not only train and mentor new agents, I am still an active sales agent constantly building my book of business. I practice what I preach and I can show you how to be a successful insurance agent.

How to be a successful insurance agent

Why Do People Want To Become an Insurance Agent?

Being an independent insurance agent can be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally. There aren’t a lot of careers that you can help people and make a good living. People are often attracted to becoming an insurance agent because of the higher than average income that is completely possible. I heard someone once say that the insurance industry has made more millionaires than any other industry. I know know if that is 100% true or not, but it sounds about right. Being a successful insurance agent can earn you a high annual income, build up a residual income for you, and allow you to retire early in life.

So that leads us to…

How To Be a Successful Insurance Agent

The answer for how to be a successful insurance agent is quite simple, you help people by selling them the best insurance product(s) for their situation and within their budget. If only it were that easy though. Most new agents enter this industry and think they are going to tear it up and be amazingly successfully very quickly because they know something that millions of other agents don’t know or haven’t tried before. Most of these agents fail after they get a harsh dose of reality. These agents didn’t fail because they weren’t capable, they failed because they focused on the wrong things.

I generally recommend a crawl, walk, run mentality when you are a brand new agent. Learn the basics, work the basics, never forget the basics. Want to know what the basics are? Everyone wants to know, but very few are willing to be disciplined to stick to them. Everyone has an opinion, there is a lot of free advice out there from people who have no vested interest in you. I reserve the best training and advice for the agents that I personally train and mentor. If you are looking for a new mentor and new organization to align yourself with, then take the first step and register to become an independent agent with us.

Learn the basics. Work the basics. Never forget the basics.

What Does It Take To Be a Successful Insurance Agent?

There are a lot of details to becoming a successful insurance agent and that’s what we go over in our training. However, if you are thinking about becoming an insurance agent, then there are several things to keep in mind and look for.

  • Have a solid mentor agent.
  • Connect with an IMO who has plenty of resources
  • Have access to unlimited training
  • Have access to lead sources
  • Be coachable and always looking to learn
  • Make sure the compensation is transparent
  • Be comfortable with who you will be working with

These are just some main points for how to be a successful insurance agent, not a comprehensive list by any means. Luckily, we offer all this to our independent agents. So if you are wanting to know more information or ready to become an independent health insurance agent with us, then take the first step and register.

We know how to be a successful insurance agent. Now you can…