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Join our team of independent health insurance agents making a difference in the industry.

Be a Successful Independent Health Insurance Agent

Become a health insurance agent and start building your own business, instead of someone else’s. Be in control of how you take care of clients and reap the long term rewards of being a great insurance agent. Be your own boss, set your own schedule, and choose which products you offer your clients.

Why Insurance Agents Fail

Unfortunately, far too many agents fail in this industry. We wish we could help all agents reach their full potential. Learn more about why so many agents fail or quit in their first year.

How to be a successful insurance agent

Even though so many agents fail, there are still plenty of success stories and plenty of opportunity for you to be a successful broker. Learn how to be a successful health insurance agent.

Ready to Get Started? Have Questions?

After you create an account, you will have the ability to schedule a call with one of our mentors before you make any decisions. You can ask the mentor any questions you want about becoming a health insurance agent. The mentor might also ask you some questions to get to know you and make sure this opportunity is the right fit for your dreams and goals.

Are You Ready to Become a Health Insurance Agent?

When you become a health insurance agent, there’s more to it than just starting to sell some products. We offer a 2-day new agent training following by shorter workshops and ongoing training as needed. Everyone is at a different experience level. Whether you are brand new to insurance, health insurance, or even to sales; we can help you take your health insurance agent career to the next level.

What’s Required to Become a Health Insurance Agent?

We only work with licensed agents, so step 1 is to have both your Health and Life insurance licenses in the state you live; if you have licenses in other states then that is even better. Since you are a completely independent health insurance agent, you do need to have your own E&O coverage. If you don’t have an errors & omission’s policy right now, that’s ok, during the contracting process you will have an opportunity to get it. You need to have a computer (dual screens recommended) and a phone (cell phone, or soft phone through the computer). You also need to be coachable and willing to learn. Even the most experienced agents still have room for improvement.

Ready to Get Started? Have Questions?

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